Sunday, March 4, 2012

Best Interior Home Improvements

Are you looking for some ideas to bring the interior of your home up to date but may be selling soon? Here are some great interior home improvement ideas that have a great return!

Think about when you were purchasing a home. What were the two areas that you most commonly thought, "This is nice...but it looks a little old." Both kitchens and bathrooms can age quickly if they contain design cues from certain eras and fads. Try to neutralize these areas to create a space that never seems dated. In a bathroom, update the vanity and install more neutral lighting fixtures. Kitchens can change dramatically with projects as small as refacing cabinets or just changing the hardware. Some of the most common kitchen upgrades include new counter-tops even upgrading to newer appliances. (See our Bathroom, Kitchen, Counter-top and Appliance partners)

Another great idea is finishing your basement! Even if you only finish part, that is still additional space that you are adding to your home. Plus the uses are endless! You can turn your basement into a playroom, theater, office, or even an apartment for teens/inlaws or to rent out. The possibilites are endless and it's a great way to appeal to multi-generation households. (Check out our Basement Remodel partners).

Have you ever lost power? It can especially be toublesome in the winter when ice has taken down the power line and you can't get out of your driveway. A back-up power generator can really help out! They aren't they large, loud, and smokey generators many of us remember. Most can be installed right outside next to your AC unit and bring power back within seconds!

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