Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's Moving Day!

Moving day is both exciting and stressful. Are you ready? Here are some ideas to help you be as prepared as possible (and hopefully knock down the stress a few levels).

Even if you have hired one of our Home Service partners to pack for you, it is still best to be around when it's happening. This let's you know what is where as you start to unpack and place things in your new home later on. Also, if you have hired someone they will give you a list of items. Make sure that not only everything is on it but that you can read the list before you sign it. Last thing you want as you are putting everything in their new places is to find out something is missing...and wasn't on the inventory list.

Draw out the new living space as well and list what you want where. This helps the movers and yourself out! Making a diagram of where you want everything makes it easier when the movers ask and keeps you from having to move everything around afterwards. Doing this should be a great stress reliever for everyone involved. besides, no one wants to stress out over where the large furniture items go!

Make sure pets and children are out of the way. As adorable as they all can be, you don't want them slowing the process by getting in the way of yourself or the professionals. Keep them occupied. outside, or have them spend the day with a family member or friend! Speaking of clearing the way...make sure there is plenty of space for the truck and you know where you want to put it.

Check with any of our Moving Professionals for a free quote! And don't forget to check out today's "Showcase of Homes!"